Introducing the Upgraded Waterdrop 800 GPD Tankless RO System with Faucet Screen Launched Mid-April

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LOS ANGLES , April 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In mid-April, Waterdrop announced the launch of its first-ever 800GPD RO system – the Waterdrop G3P800 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis with a faucet screen. The new technology from the water filter industry giant comes with a smarter interaction, UV sterilization, ultra-large capacity, improved efficiency, and more advanced filtration technology.

The first generation of G3P800 went viral and recorded outstanding sales on the market as soon as it is available last year. Waterdrop now released the updated version by focusing on the R&D. For more information, please visit

According to Ivan, Waterdrop's CEO, the new released G3P800 is expected to "enter the next mainstream of under sink water filters." The Waterdrop G3P800 comes in a new generation of reverse osmosis technology. The purification performance is not only much better but also more efficient water consumption.

Improved User Interaction with Faucet Screen

The new released large faucet screen in this system is smarter than the one on the traditional brushed nickel faucet. The intelligent faucet screen helps monitor the operational status of the system as well as the water quality.

Users can also enjoy a much better experience with more functionalities, including the malfunction alert, TDS indicator, and filter life indicator.

The machine comes with the new-tech UV sterilizing light. This means it can effectively reduce up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that are present in your water.

It is a significant improvement to the traditional mercury light, considering there is no release of harmful substances like heavy metals into the water.

The system also helps save energy by turning on the breathing lamp only when there is water passing through the system.

800GPD Large Capacity for Residential and Commercial Use

The 800 GPD in this water filter system can conveniently serve a large household or small business.

It has 2x the flow rate of the first tankless reverse osmosis system from Waterdrop, which is the G3. Thanks to this faster water flow, users can fill a 80z cup of water in just six seconds.

The new Waterdrop innovative technology in the G3P800 reverse osmosis water filter lowers the drain ratio significantly to 3:1.

That makes it 12x more efficient than the traditional RO system. The G3P800 reverse osmosis system produces just a cup of wastewater for every three cups of filtered water. Therefore, it can considerably save your water bill.

7-Layer RO Membrane and 3-Stage Filters

The three-stage filter setup, coupled with the seven-layer of reverse osmosis membrane tech, gets rid of the most harmful contaminants in household water. Therefore, it is more efficient than other water filter systems.

The 0.0001μm pore size of this system's RO membrane means it will filter out even contaminants smaller than the bacteria and viruses.

Size (L*W*H) (Inch)

Consumers in the United States can get the Waterdrop G3P800 with a faucet screen for just $1,029.00 .

Found in 2015, Waterdrop is committed to solve global water problems by rolling out reliable and efficient purification solutions and products. Eight years later, Waterdrop has grown into an industry leader and highly-rated manufacturer of water filtration systems.

In pursuit of its goal to enhance global household drinking water safety, Waterdrop focuses on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of water filtration core technologies and best-in-class products.

Waterdrop will continue to provide safe and clean drinking water for all human beings.

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