HVP Magazine - Home water quality is becoming increasingly important

2022-07-02 04:23:38 By : Mr. Tony Huang

The economic and health impacts of the pandemic, coupled with the recent energy price cap skyrocketing by 54% and water rates increasing by 10% in some parts of England, have incentivised consumers to look closely at their consumption and spending.

Although 60% of the UK suffers from the adverse effects of limescale, according to British Water, industry estimates suggest only around 8% of hard water homes have measures in place to tackle the problems it causes.

Hard water can have a significant financial impact on households, which is why installers should encourage customers to invest in products to combat limescale. Many householders will be unaware that a build-up of limescale inside pipes and on heating elements within their home will be costing them a pretty penny.

The more limescale inside a home’s heating and hot water system, the more energy will be needed to get the water to the right temperature. In fact, according to British Water, just a 1.6mm build-up of scale on a heating element reduces its efficiency by 12%, and 3mm of scale makes it nearly 25% less efficient. This means the systems will cost more to run as they first need to heat the scale before they can start to heat the water. 

Softening hard water can have a positive impact on energy consumption and therefore help minimise the impact of the utility price hikes. But it is essential that installers know exactly what products are available to achieve this, and which are best suited to their customers.

By sharing the financial and lifestyle benefits water softening products offer, installers will be able to guide their customers to making an informed decision that will dramatically improve the quality of water in their homes. 

Installers should recommend high efficiency water softeners from a reputable company that can offer swift aftercare. The latest generation of water softeners, for example, are an extremely effective and affordable way for households to remove limescale from their water, protect their homes, and improve efficiency. 

The benefits to consumers are plentiful and are a great selling tool for installers looking to increase their revenue. Water softeners offer whole house protection as they prevent limescale forming and remove any existing deposits too. Not only that, softer water means lower bills, improved wash results from dishwashers and washing machines, super soft hair, and supple skin. 

Given they are compatible with any boiler and they are available in electric and battery-powered models, every home is a potential customer.

The events of the last couple of years have seen a shift in consumer habits, with increasing numbers of people focusing on their health. As such, increasing water intake has been high on consumers’ agendas as a step towards better health.

With sustainable issues an important consideration for many consumers concerned about their impact on the planet, there has been greater interest in residential water filtration and purification products that can help to reduce the use of bottled water and, therefore, plastic consumption. 

It’s not just the calcium and magnesium in hard water that consumers are considering, but also impurities such as heavy metals, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and microplastics that can impact the taste and health benefits of water. 

Some models use a five-stage filtration process, using semi-permeable membranes to produce pure, crystal clear, refreshing water.

Innovations in this sector include filters that feature innovative auto-shut-off heads, which allow cartridges to be changed without having to turn off the water supply.

These filters can easily be sited under sinks, thanks to their compact size, and have capacities of up to 10,000 litres. Some models also come with a tap as standard. 

Heating and plumbing engineers are in the ideal position to help their customers improve the quality of their water while minimising the environmental impact and running costs of their homes. By helping customers to make their homes as efficient as possible installers will not only increase loyalty, but their profits too.

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